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OLTRA - One Lamp To Rule them All
OLTRA - One Lamp To Rule them All
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OLTRA - One Lamp To Rule them All

Product Description

Demo Video : https://vimeo.com/user17479780/breathingmoodlamp

OLTRA is One Lamp To Rule them All. It breathes to help you relax, lights up with any color you want, you can run it off your power bank, your computer or a wall plug, and you can easily carry it around too. Color it according to your mood, by simply turning a knob. Use it as a table lamp, a ceiling lamp, a lantern or a Halloween pumpkin ! This makes an ideal gift for your family, and it's pretty gorgeous, so get one for yourself as well ;)

Some images of how you could color your lamp : https://www.flickr.com/gp/ankitdaf/0wy129

Material : Thick diffuser paper Connector : Micro USB - The kind on your Android phone, so you can charge it with your Android charger

Schedule : If I get minimum 10 orders by 4th November, items will ship out by 14th November. The sooner the round closes, the sooner we ship. Ideally we are looking to have these reach you in time for Diwali but we will keep you updated about any advances / delays in the delivery schedule !


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